DIVINE’s long awaited and highly anticipated first and special edition autobiography “From Crack To Rap To Tech: How I Hustled My Way Through” will be released soon. Be the first to have it! It’s now available for pre-order. This is a limited edition with only 1000 copies being produced and available for pre-order only. This first, special, and limited edition is an urban audio experience as it will be accompanied with an original soundtrack of new music entirely performed by DIVINE with all production helmed by longtime DIVINE collaborator, Brooklyn, NYC’s own Super Producer Hellz Yea!

“From Crack To Rap To Tech” Soundtrack

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“From Crack To Rap To Tech: How I Hustled My Way Through” is the first book from former drug dealer, Hip-Hop/Rap recording artist turned tech entrepreneur DIVINE. This real life story details three major life events that were pivotal in shaping and directing DIVINE's life journey. It relays how with only an 8th grade formal education, a decade of incarceration, and no tech background DIVINE went from crack to rap and eventually tech after befriending Silicon Valley billionaire and famed technology venture capitalist Ben Horowitz via Twitter. This is an extraordinary urban story of struggle, perseverance, resilience, ambition, determination, hope, and redemption.

Listen to a snippet of the audio book below: